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Oct 20, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and the new united states. to 19, 1812, james madison made an announcement of the first were to be declared in the history of the united states. "i exhorts all the good people of the united states as they love their country, as they feel wronged that they exert themselves." and made clear the expectation of showing love of country requires giving support to the war. of a moment of national crisis, patriotism was needed. he fell to justify the conflict to motivate the country to support the war. the stakes were high because although a majority had voted in favor of for not one single member of the federalist party voted to support it. the northeastern federalist took a skeptical view more than seven and western members of the democratic republican party. a conflict with britain over national sovereignty, the american war of 1812 became of test of the strength and meeting of american patriotism. we tend to forget the word 1812 between the revolutionary independence movement and trans formative carnage of the civil war. the war between 12 has a dubious distinction the first to be declared in a
Oct 27, 2012 8:00am EDT
talk this afternoon is, love and honor in 1812. patriotism and popular culture in the new united states. on june 19th of 1812, james madison made a public announcement of the first war ever to be declared in the history of the united states. he said, quote, i exhort all the good people of the united states as they love their country, as they feel wrongs, that they exert themselves. madison's call made clear that the expectation of showing love of country required giving support to the war. at a moment of national crisis patriotism was needed. he sought to justify the conflict to the population at large and motivate the country to support the war. the stakes were high because although a majority in congress had voted in favor of declaring war not one single member of the federalist party had voted in support of the war. northeastern federalists took a very skeptical view of the war, far more so than did southern and western members of the democratic republican party that madison was leading. ostensibly a conflict with britain over national sovereignty, the american war of 1812 very quick
Oct 23, 2012 6:00pm EDT
in pakistan, 75% of the pakistani to identify the united states now as their enemy, not as their supporter or their allies. in many ways, we are seeing a very ill-conceived, irresponsible, and immoral or policy come back to haunt us where the united states foreign policies have been based, unfortunate, on brute military force and wars for oil. under my administration, we will have a foreign policy based on international law and human rights and the use of diplomacy. instead of fighting wars for oil, we will be leading, as america, a leading the fight to put an end to climate change. in afghanistan and iraq, we have spent about $5 trillion. we have seen thousands and thousands of american lives lost, hundreds of thousands of civilian lives lost, about $1 trillion a year being spent on a massive, bloated military, industrial security budget. instead, we need to cut the military budget, right sizes year 2000 levels, and build a true secured here at home, bringing our war dollars home. >> rocky anderson from the justice the party, yet two minutes. >> the question was whether the killings of th
Oct 6, 2012 8:45am EDT
that it goes unremarked upon. if you want to know about a country look at the map of the united states in terms of the harbors from the east coast of the united states, the 13 colonies jam packed with natural harbors. the coast of africa collectively few good natural harbors but the east coast was packed with them and the continental corporation of the u.s. was the last resource rich part of the ten per zone the european enlightenment with inland waterways flowing in a convenient east west fashion than the west the caressed combined and our ideas and dhaka sees but because of where we happen to live as well that's why these things matter. why these things matter. they've allowed india and china to develop into the completely distinct great worlds of civilization we have much to do with each other through long periods of history. >> let's take that image that you've offered of america, this place with all these great natural harbors and rivers that run the right way but that was true for thousands of years and didn't leave it to the development of what we think of as the united states. it wasn't
Oct 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
at that point, bun of the biggest banks in the united states. things vice president changed. not in major terms of the bank. should be working for the bank as a whole. for the customer they shouldn't be seeking big rewards in themselves. contrast that to what goes on themselves. tremendous part of the conversation not just in bonuses. compared to what they would have been 20 or 25 years ago. no what kind of climate does that create? they get to elaborate a little bit. people who criticize this rule, they are sure to speculative access. infact, a lot of things are at the heart of the banking crisis. why did that go wild? i would argue that the kpep sags practices crept in into trading parts of the bank. so the lending offices said, how can hay make a lot of money and get a big bonus? over simplifying a little bit. it's true. the chairman of the citi bank. the biggest bank. a couple of trillion dollar banks. he said to me, we put these two different kinds of organizations together and it different work. and it's a cultural problem. you didn't just regular rate the losses. it created a tension in
Sep 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
of the united states, the budget, on its current trajectory, will bankrupt the country if we do not do something. >> what is the worst that could happen? >> what almost happened last summer when the 80th, the republican idiots, and decided we can have the country defaults on its debt and that would be fine. if you have ever been a banking reporter, which i have, if there is anything resembling a default on u.s. debt, it is a disaster worldwide. i thought we had learned something from that a year ago. apparently, we have not. the worst thing that happens is a u.s. default on its debt. it would be catastrophic. for no reason, idiotic. it is crazy. >> what is the result? >> every bank in the united states, every major bank, is bankrupt. suddenly, your capital is gone. a lot of capital is tied up in government securities. >> what happens if i go to the bank and what my money? >> it might or may not still be there. it is not like the banks would close. they would not be able to land. -- lend. it was like four years ago where you were facing massive bank failures. you still get your money but you woul
Oct 9, 2012 1:00am EDT
there will be changes in the united states senate, if tim is in, he will be in there for the same folks he's campaigning for all of these years when he was chair of the democratic national committee, ignoring the needs, dire needs of people in virginia. i want to see change in washington, those positive, constructive ideas that can get this country going in the right direction. i believe we ought to get united behind the mission of sending a message to the world that america is open for business again. i think that anybody who pays taxes should be on our side unless you want to pay higher taxes. if you use electricity, you ought on our side. if you want more affordable electricity. if you drive a car and don't like the fact you're paying over $30 more every time you fill up, you ought to be on our side. if you agree with me doctors and patients ought to be making health care decisions rather then panels of bureaucrats up in washington, you ought to be on our side. if you're working for a living or if you want a job, the approach i have been advocating has proven to work. over 300,000 net new jobs create
Oct 16, 2012 10:00am EDT
. thinking has been around for several hundred years. under the united states constitution the ability to create money as part of the united states prompted the united states constitution. forever 200 years a lot of that has been outsourced to the private-sector, today least 90% of our money supply so to speak is produced by the commercial banking industry. i am not even mentioning some of the other parts of the financial services industry. for the last nearly 100 years, the fed has been involved and not outsourcing. and the lender of last resort is there to support the banking industry. and for the last 75 plus years we have the fdic providing another part of the federal safety net, to make the banking industry the commercial banking industry much more robust. so to me this is all about the safety net. but it is also time to roll back the safety net, because when we think about the money supply, what we used to pay for things, that is where we have the safety net here. it also need to recognize the the united states dollar is holding be fed currency of the world. many of our transacti
Oct 7, 2012 10:00am PDT
. i think something similar has happened in the united states whereby a lot of liquidity has been provided by the central bank. >> andrew, you have operations throughout all of the world. what's your sense of growth? there are troubling reports about growth slowing down which so far have been a very powerful lifeline for global growth as united states and europe weakened, particularly china where you do a lot of business. >> i don't think we're going have an '08/'09 scenario out there for the reasons lloyd was addressed. i do think the world since '08/'09 to now has not gotten to normal. of course, the obvious, which is consumption in the u.s., is not where it was. what's replaced that is government stimuli around the world that has been effective in the main. the first chinese one was very effective. the situation in china right now, i would say, in the industrial b to b world, they're at, in my view, somewhere in the 2% range of growth. not 6%, not 7%. that's an industrial engine. thousands and thousands of small mediums are having trouble. our supply chains are weak. and, of co
Oct 21, 2012 1:15am EDT
of the united states we have seen york can it is and frankly they scare the shipped out of us. so we were running candidate to be the president. not brian, the canadian government but the people we love our big brother. we are here to help. we did a campaign video in january. it went by role. with media tv it -- to be around the world so we took off with another couple of videos three weeks later we had a deal and this is what we wrote. "america, but better" the canada party manifesto" your continental bff. that is us. the beautiful face of canadair representing 33 million brothers and sisters up to the north that want to see return to the great country used to be and will be in the future. [applause] >> canada up. canada. [laughter] i cannot even get back going in canada. [laughter] someone came north to pick a fight 200 years ago canada apologized for being invaded and we have been fast friends ever since. your strong and popular the country that everyone aspires to be but lately use stopped playing with the team. use started to put on some weight and became the country that people fear
Oct 13, 2012 10:00am EDT
that if the republicans take over control of the united states senate, they have made it clear that in order to pay for the tax cuts for the richest americans, they will make cuts elsewhere. what is the only proposal on the table? more than half a trillion dollars in cuts in education, basic infrastructure, and research. to have a good, federal partner in washington, we have to make funding education a priority. >> this question goes to elizabeth warren. can you tell us where you would look first and last? can you identify two federal programs that can be cut, and two he would work hard to protect? >> you are exactly right. we will have to take a balanced approach. i would be clear in terms of cutting the agricultural subsidy programs. it is time to cut in our military budget. we are winding out of one war. we can realign our priorities. on the other hand, i want to make clear i will not go to washington to cut medicare or social security benefits. [applause] when we talk about a balanced approach, we need to be talking about spending cuts and we need to be talking about increasing revenues. it tak
Oct 8, 2012 8:00pm EDT
opponent when into the united states senate in 2001 with the biggest surplus in the united states and six years later left with massive deficits. during his time in the senate, the national debt went up by $16,000. he conceded that spending was a problem in the senate. we also have people who need to know how to work together. i learned to cut crime bills and the economy. my opponent said his job was to not democrats softly. he took this similar position in the senate, fighting efforts led by the then-senior virginia senator. when someone who will fight and that is what i will do is your next to none state senator. >> if mr. allen, your opening statement. >> thank you. it's much better future than what we are having to endure these days. that is why i put forward a detailed plan. my blueprint for america to get an economy and stronger jobs. the question is which one of us can be accounted upon. you may have read an article that was comparing our two governorships. the call me when the most accomplished modern governors with major improvements in public education, safety, welfare reform, a
FOX Business
Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. the united states and china on the verge of a new high-stakes, high-tech war that some say we are already losing. an explicit congressional report a year in the making out today blasting to of china's biggest telecom companies saying they cannot be tested and should not be doing business in this country. the two companies are accused of a host of illegal activities that include everything from bribery and corruption to emigration fraud. what does it mean to make joining me now, k. t. mcfarland and former dick be secretary of defense and china expert gordon chang, author of the coming collapse of china. i cannot imagine a better panel. i am going to start with you. reading you some of the results from this report. chinese actors are also the world's most active and persistent perpetrators of economic espionage. u.s. private sector firms and cyber security specialists reported ongoing onslaught of sophisticated computer network intrusions that originated in china. what is the real risk here? is it all economic damage that we are worried about? is there more? >> there is a lot. think of troj
Oct 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
basis. pretty much every day, i will look at scotus blog, supreme court of the united states. or there is a blog called "how appealing." there are a variety of blogs, written by law professors. some are more conservative and some are more liberal. i will look at those every once in awhile and see what people are saying and thinking and writing about legal issues. i find them interesting and occasionally useful. you know. it is the world i come from, as you know. i am not going to say, i am never going to read the law review article again. >> do you read them before, as you are trying to sort through cases? >> usually only when the briefs point them out. i rarely do an independent search. >> you talked about the role of clerks in sorting through the cert petitions. in recent years, the court has taken many fewer cases than it did in an earlier area. -- earlier era. maybe there are fewer circuits and fewer important issues, but that seems unlikely. do you have a sense of whether the court is taking the right number? >> the truth is, i do not know if it is unlikely, for this rea
Oct 21, 2012 12:00pm PDT
is that chart you showed, by the end of this decade, the united states will be the world's top exporter of oil and liquefied natural gas. >> you can use that to produce electricity which will make the cost of electricity more stable and cheaper in the united states, which could lead to a resurgence of certain industries. >> the natural gas right is very important because it lowers the cost of manufacturing. when you're thinking about manufacturing, when you're thinking about putting up a plant and employing a lot of workers in america, people think the big problem is the wages of the workers. no, the big problem is the cost of energy, and if energy costs dramatically dropped, we would be producing gas for about $2 per thousand cubic yard. in russia, they sell it for $19. we're much cheaper. as a result, dow chemical and places like that are beginning real manufacturing operations in the united states. there is also an environmental benefit. natural gas emits half the co2 emissions of coal. almost everywhere, natural gas is replacing coal. >> a fossil fuel like coal, like oil, president barack
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
arabian students in the united states. and i take pride in partnering with the cultural ministry for their tireless effort and the support of the students and their families. i would also give a special shout out to the mission here for their efforts in opening medical training and education here in the states, which have often been closed. by the way, education does not count in our trade numbers. but it is important. while i am reluctant to do math in public, if you multiply 60,000 by 100,000 a year stipend per year -- that represents an annual investment of about $6 billion into our education system. it is good for us, as well as the saudis. on our end, education and the education office works tirelessly to prepare students for their experience here. and to also educate potential students on the opportunity. as i've often said to the ambassador, i know of no area where two embassies were closer together. but the shared interest in education goes well beyond the students. saudi arabia is building new universities for men and women all over the kingdom. they have gone from eight
FOX News
Oct 16, 2012 4:00pm PDT
's been fighting extradition to the united states learns his fate. a man wanted here for allegedly breaking into pentagon and nasa computers, but he says he was only searching for evidence of ufos. but first from fox this tuesday night, just two hours away from what could be a crucial rematch on the road to the white house. the second of three potential debates -- i should say presidential debates here at hofstra university at hempstead, long island in new york, president obama trying to bounce back from the first debate, and governor mitt romney trying to keep up the momentum which is clear with election day exactly three weeks away. the analysts say the president is almost certain to face questions tonight about the attack on the american consulate in libya, the one that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans on september 11th. just last night, the secretary of state hillary clinton told fox news she takes responsibility for that attack. >> well, i'm responsible for the state department, for the more than 60,000 people around the world. the decisions about security
Oct 19, 2012 1:00am EDT
full duty as citizens. god bless you, your family, and the united states of america. thank you very much. [applause] >> we come to the main event. [laughter] we turn to our host for closery remarks and benediction. ladies and gentlemen, the arch bishop of new york. [applause] >> it does traditionally fall to the host of this evening to call it tonight. -- call it a night. thank you everybody for your gracious company this beautiful evening. what a unique honor to welcome and thank president obama and governor and mrs. romney. [applause] our two candidates claim both of your parties, the republicans and democrats, are tents, containing extraordinary perverse, even contrary an opposite groups. you two do not have anything over the catholic church. we have both biden and ryan. [laughter] governor romney, thank you i was hoping the republican didate might be governor christie. i would have looked a lot better sitting next to him. mr. president, i trust you will be able to report to mrs. obama that i ate my vegetables and salads. if she had been first lady when i was growing up in the '
Sep 30, 2012 5:30pm PDT
received the news from hillary clinton during a visit to the united states. >> reporter: to attend the u.n. general semibly. secretary of state hillary clinton told him that the obama administration would begin easing its ban on imports from myanmar. >> in recognition of the continued progress toward reform and in response to requests from both the government and the opposition, united states is taking the next step in normalizing our commercial relationship. >> reporter: he expressed his gratitude and said the people of myanmar would be happy that economic restrictions are being eased. clinton made a point of reminding him the division of aung san suu kyi. she visited the u.s. earlier this month for the first time since her release from the house arrest in november 2010. she and clinton together gave a lecture in washington calling for more investment in education and health care in myanmar. obama administration is expected to seek congressional approval to ease sanction while also monitoring the progress of myanmar's democratic reforms. myanmar is home to 60 million people and rich in
Oct 3, 2012 1:00pm EDT
on the united states. there are a number of things we need to keep in mind with respect to that. you can trade -- it produced a conflict that was not inherent in the situation but be that as it may with respect to germany and england, we know that none of the leaders who started world war i would have done so had they known what the world would look like four years later. they let themselves be driven into conflict on the basis of considerations in terms of the tragedy they brought about. therefore, i think the conflict between china and the united states would be a disaster for both countries and it would be impossible to describe what a victory would look like. it requires both sides patients and understanding that they're trying to reach in each country. there are domestic pressures that emphasize the disagreements that arise. we see that in our political campaign in which both candidates are using language which is deplorable. you see it in the chinese literature from their strategic centers in which there analysts are pushing a nationalistic line. there is the prospect that it becomes a s
Oct 16, 2012 11:30pm EDT
i cannot believe he was the president of united states with his body language, the meter and his inability to answer the questions. he cannot even look mitt romney in the eye when he is asked direct questions because he has no answer. the second issue i have that both of the candidates were pretty much missing is the fact that we are now dealing with women's issues right now. why is this even an issue? since nobody will overturn roe vs. wade -- reagan cannot even do that. who cares what they both believe personally? it will not change what will happen in the government appeared nobody will overturn roe vs. wade. so women don't have to worry about that. so don't vote based on those issues. i think there are a lot of things that need to be looked at. >> thank you for your call. on twitter -- next is the jones, virginia, lloyd, an independent. >> i would like to talk about .omney appeare he was talking about 12 coal miners in virginia. he also talked about jobs. is he going to bring cold that will he let it go? he is no candidate for the presidency because he turned his back on obam
Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to the power bases that were involved in virginia. so when you see is a record of the united states talking about access to power in a woman's ability to have access to power and create a supreme court precedent based on that, we can use that to leverage off more of what is going on. we need a bright, intelligent individuals who would rather work for those kinds of things that for hedge funds. or go to big law firms who are only going to help hedge funds in order to do it. we've really in the last 32 of 40 years in the united states have created great legal precedent. now we need to get somebody to start applying it. [applause] >> good evening. i am a graduate of as a new law school. i have my professor. >> looking. >> i want to say that i am the american dream. back came more than 25 years ago to the united states of america. and did not have one ballot in my pocket. i had two kids with me in another one in my belly. i went to smu. i raised my. [indiscernible] and the same time. the first one graduated from as a new law school. the second from harvard law school. smu. the second from harva
Oct 10, 2012 1:00am EDT
in the united states and create jobs. >> i can tell you from my own experiences as a governor in a competitive state that our best teachers were that labor unions. then later on, and george soros. he taught everyone in america. you cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. go for it, i say. >> we do not do endorsements. we have pacs. we encourage them to be involved. if we are going to address any of these issues, maybe we can get something done if everything looks exactly the same. it is an example of people having a better understanding of our position. that is why been we have engage our membership on it. >> let's go to questions from the audience. please raise your hand and give me your name and your affiliation. and that would be wonderful. there are microphones. the lady with the red jacket. >> good morning. i am the ceo of women's and structural owners association in alexandria. there has been a lot of discussion about the size of government and how do we get the money that we need. what about the discussion of cutting the size of government? it is too big. in any downturn, all the busines
Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. that man is standing back here. presidente the unite of the united states. please welcome the next president of united states, mitt romney. [cheers and applause] ♪ [playing "born free"] ♪ >> that is one heck of a virginia welcome. thank you, virginia. [cheers and applause] you, paul. does the music just bring up your day? [applause] then he for the endorsement of the -- we appreciate the endorsement of the nra. [applause] last night was an important night for the country. [cheers and applause] they got the chance to cut through all the attacks and counterattacks and all the theatrics associate with the campaign and instead listen to substance. i appreciate the fact athat jim lehrer asked questions about substance. i appreciated that i was able to ask obama about obamacare. i asked, why is it that the middle class is still buried in this country? why we have millions of people out of work? why is it that half of our children coming out of college cannot find a job? why is it that when he took office, 32 million people are on food stamps? i asked him those questions. you heard hi
FOX Business
Oct 10, 2012 8:00pm EDT
in the united states, that while the other countries are exploring aggressively, how to increase their production, we have just rolled out a new 5 year plan for offshore thrilling that shuts off east coast, delays alaska until 2017, and has least number of leases in it of any program in the history since they passed legislation to get this thing going. anat the same time the deputy is increasing royalty rates and looking at way its decrease lease terms and making it less appealing for companies to come in to to exploration and production here in the united states. neil: we're showing a lot of land that the administration has say you can't drill othere is a lot. argument goes if we were to tap oil from even half of the off limit lands, we would have enough oil to tell the middle east where to get off, is that true? >> absolutely true, consumer energy alliance, released a report a couple weeks ago that shows we could develop if we could bind field bring feels ont yourself to energy efficiency, meaning we would only need 20 to 20% from overseas, and north american energy reserves ar
Oct 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
in the united states. the nation magazine has released what is said to be one of the few known audio recordings of new york city police questioning of young men of color and to the department's controversial stop and frisk program. the audio was recorded last june by a harlem teenager who says he was stopped frequently by police. on the recording, police officers can be heard telling the teenager he looks suspicious because he had his put up and was looking back at them. they also threatened him with physical violence and used rationalized language, calling him a mutt. >> do you want to go to jail? >> for what? >> shut your mouth. >> what am i getting arrested for? >> for being a mutt. >> [indiscernible] the surgeon is holding me like this insane, "i am going to break your arm -- and saying, "i'm going to break your arm and punch you in the face." >> new york city police, by their own account, and conduct more than 1800 stop and frisks every day. more than 20% of them are reportedly with force. people of color are disproportionately targeted. those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy
Oct 14, 2012 3:05am EDT
and other countries to come back into the united states. that makes sense. but the best thing to do is to reform medicare. >> vice president go, two minutes. >> all right, here we go again. now look, if you want someone who will spend a lot of words describing a whole convoluted process and then end up supporting legislation that is supported by the big drug companies, this is your man. if you want someone who will fight for you and who will fight for the middle-class families and working men and women, w are sick and tired of having their parents and grandparents pay higr prices for prescription drugs than anybody else, then i want to fight for you. and you asked a great question because it's not only seniors. listen, for 24 years i have never been afraid to take on the big drug companies. they do some great things. they discover great new cures and that's great. we want them to continue that. but they are now spending more money on advertising and promotion. you see all these ads? than they are on research and development. and they are trying artificially extend the monopoly paten
Oct 31, 2012 1:00pm EDT
are those pockets of opportunity, particularly in the united states? the one thing about our system is that city x does something within two or five years and you see it spread through the system. and that regard we are highly entrepreneurial at the city scale with innovating and replicating innovation. i want to keep coming back to what are those pockets. >> we are in a great city. we are in a great metropolis. in many respects it is the tale of two cities. complicated fiscal situations. depopulation over a long time. decentralization. if you take it up to midtown, all the is a sense of momentum. as you think about this question of the smart city, the integration of systems and data, what are the possibilities as detroit wrestles with some very hard fiscal and economic challenges? what are the barriers? that can potentially be removed. >> first of all, thank you so much for asking. i have lived in detroit my entire life, 40 plus years. i've worked for the city of detroit over 20 years. there is definitely a focus on the condition of the cities in america as well. what your overwhel
Oct 16, 2012 6:00pm PDT
that future and i intend to win it as president of the united states. >> i got to move on. the next question is for you. >> i get the next answer. >> the next question is for you, so if you want to continue on. but i don't want to leave all these guys sitting here. >> candy, i don't have a policy of stopping wind jobs in iowa th and they're not phantom jobs, i appreciate the jobs in iowa and colorado i appreciate the coal and oil and gas, i know that bringing back our energy policies will -- 3.5 million more jobs in this country. it's critical to our future. >> i'm used to be interrupted. >> i'm going to move you along to taxes. the next question comes from mary follano. >> governor romney, you have stated that when you're elected president you will work with the congress to eliminate deductions to make up for the loss in revenue. concerning these various deductions. the mortgage deduction. the charitable deductions. the child tax credit. and also the -- what that's that other credit, i forgot. >> you're doing great. >> the education credits which are important to me because i have children
Oct 16, 2012 9:00pm EDT
change our tax code so we are giving incentives to countries investing in united states and creating jobs here. it also means we help them and small businesses to export all on the world. we have to make sure we have the best education system in the world. if that you are going to college is great. i want everybody to get a great education. we have worked hard to make sure student loans are available to folks like you. i want to make sure community colleges are offering slots for workers to get retrained for the jobs out there right now. number three, we have to control our own energy. not only oil, natural gas, which we have been investing in. we also have to make sure we are building the energy sources of the future. not just next year, but 10 and 20 years from now. we invest in solar, wind, biofuels. energy efficient cars. we need to reduce our deficit, in a balanced way. let's take the money we have been spending on war over the last decade to rebuild america. roads, bridges, schools. not only will your future be bright, but america's as well. >> let me ask you for a more immediate an
Oct 8, 2012 6:00am PDT
starts now. >> immoral, illegal and making the united states hate it around the world. a group of american activists are spreading that around in pakistan. live from islamabad. >>> a new government report shows two companies that employ thousands of americans may actually pose a security concern for the united states. >>> nascar drivers are questioning their safety after a 20 car pile-up at one of nascar's most famous tracks. why one driver calls it bloodthirsty. >>> the obama campaign launching a counteroffensive to a speech th hasn't happened yet. >> reckless. immaturish. that's what news media and fellow republicans called mitt romney's gaffe-filled july tour of england, israel and poland. >> that's what you call a prebuttal. prebuttal. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good morning to you. happy monday. i'm carol costello. that's where we begin on the campaign trail. president obama is raising cash. mitt romney is raising concerns. this morning he's ripping the administration's handling of the middle east and its many recent flash points like
Oct 23, 2012 3:00am PDT
the stage in boca raton florida. one, president of the united states the other wants to be president of the united states. one knew what he was talking about on foreign policy. the other didn't have a clue! but one thing for sure on that stage last night we only saw one commander in chief. yes, obama wins round three of the presidential debate hands down. we'll get into it every which way here for the next three hours but first today's latest, the current news update from lisa ferguson out in los angeles. hi lisa, good morning. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. if you are asking yourself who won last night's presidential debate you probably weren't watching. president obama came out with a strong and aggressive performance against mitt romney on foreign policy. the first instant poll from cbs shows 53% of undecided voters say president obama came out on top, just 23% say toward romney. but there are some differing opinions out there. according to cnn poll, only 40% of viewers say romney won but 60% say he is ready
Oct 22, 2012 8:00pm EDT
's no question about that. but we have plenty of oil in the united states, too. our industry has done an unbelievable job of producing oil and natural gas for this country. and we have the cheapest energy in the world in the united states. the cheapest. and neither one of these candidates will get up there and say we have the cheapest energy in the world. we're going to have companies that are going to be building again back in the united states instead of exporting jobs. we're going to have our people come home, we will be importing jobs. >> what about the keystone pipeline? surely, this is to come up, as well. what do you expect to hear about that and how much would that move the needle in terms of oil independence in this country? >> well, you're talking about 750 million barrels a day that just comes in to us from canada. put together a north american energy alliance. which, romney has talked about this, but bring together mexico, canada and the united states and then we're energy independent. all of that can happen. keystone pipeline, nobody should have ever, ever turned that dow
Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm EDT
.3% and 3.6% growth in 2012 and 2013, ticking down .2 and .3% representatively. now in the united states, growth of 2.2% for this year, 2.1% next year. a revision of .1% high they are year. the bright side that the housing market and private credit ex-spans are occurringing. the downside worries, political gridlock and of course, the fiscal cliff. for the euro area, growth contraction of .4% in 2012 but an increase by .2% next year but there, of course, concerns that weakness may be spreading from the periphery to the whole of the euro area. meantime, china, 7.8% growth this year around 8.2% next year. those numbers coming down slightly but india, a big tick down, 1.3% this year to 4.9% and .6% next year to 6% growth. that was one of the sharpest drops that we saw. meantime, brazil also getting clipped, remanufacture sizing the point that there may be trouble in that bric paradise we keep talking about the main issue though, if the economy is hitting another bout of turbulence or whether the current slow down is something more long lasting. melissa? >> all right, jackie deangeles, thanks
Oct 22, 2012 9:00pm PDT
of the united states. and of western capitalism. it's very, very threatening. and i think that that's why you've had the billionaire class. you know, the minute barack obama -- i would actually say rather gently suggested that the millionaires and the billionaires should pay a little bit more, you had immediate cries of class warfare from the plutocrats, and very emotional. you know, there was an activist investor who sent an e-mail to his friends, the subject line is, battered wives. and in the e-mail, he compares mse and his fellow multimillionaires to battered wives who are being beaten by the president. he actually uses those words. >> and i thought it was really interesting, in your book, how you pointed out that bill clinton himself responded to obama's criticism by saying, you know, i would have done it a little bit differently. i think, you know, you can't attack these people for their success. and i think that's very relevant, because if you go back in time it wasn't always this way, but i think the shift really began with clinton and the new democrats. i think after, you know, walte
Oct 13, 2012 12:00am PDT
that we are very close to the united states which is clearly an advantage, but also we are investing a lot of infrastructure and in a very important thing, charlie, which is human capital. we have built in this six years 140 new universities from greenfields, public and free tuition universities. and we add there are like 113,000 new engineers graduating every year in mexico so today there are more engineers every year than in germany or u.k. or canada or brazil. and with that, a lot of companies, american and global companies are realizing that mexico is very, very competitive in manufacturing, for instance. even vis-a-vis china. >> rose: ed thing we read about are two big issues, one is narco terrorism. what is it going to take to win that battle? the second is immigration. >> well first a lot of courage, because otherwise it is impossible to deal with that. and you need to have the principals that no one nation could prosper without rule of law. because that is exactly our main focus, in the sense that we are not prosecuting drugs by drugs themselves. we are looking for rule of law in m
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